Last Updated: 27-Dec-11

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Shakin' what my mama gave me on Boxing Day

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Christmas Baby!!

Whistle Stop Tour of Magnussen

Whistle Stop Tour of APOS

The Lord of the Sith meets the Loader of the Diaper

Oh Baby!! SUBWAY!!!!

What the hell!??! No manger?

My Unofficial Wal-Mart Pictures

(Unkie took them while Mom and Daddy paid. It was Unkie's 41st bday and my 1st bday)


My First Birthday (The First Time)

My First Birthday (The Second Time - at Magnussen)

Meeting Great-Aunt Connie, Watch Cars go by the Wimpy's and Dinner at the Sandstone

At the Kincardine Pipe Band Parade

Hanging out at Grammy and Grumpy's

A little feeding, a little jumping and some mugging for the camera

Final NG Tube

Pictures of me from when I was younger

15-April-11 - The Loaded Diaper of Truth Tour - Magnussen Home - New Hamburg


See "2010 pics" for older pictures