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  • With the birth of my sister the remaining days of 2012 became a blur and my people were not sharing information which would up with a lag in blogging. So, what follow below is a guess at the short list of what went on.
  • Grammy, Grumpy. Unkie and Andrea came over for an early Christmas.  I received some cool presents like books (my favourite), toys and a wee leather jacket.  I was not a whole lot of help with the presents so daddy kept me busy with mine. Pictures will be posted.
  • Daddy sometimes lets me loose when we go to the store. I try to help other people in the store with their purchasing decision by walking up to them, pointing my finger and them then telling them what I think about what ever it is they are looking at. These people seem to dismiss me as some kind of nut.
  • We have been to Unkie's a couple of times for breakfast. He makes good eggs and mean pancakes.  I particularly enjoy watching out his patio doors at the cars that pass by.  Pictures will be posted
  • My sister is starting to grown on me, my job is to help burp her after her bottle. They give me permission to hit my sister how can I pass that up?
  • I suppose it should be mentioned here that I sometimes use the potty. Apparently that is big news. The first time I did it mommy called everyone in her iPhone.   I find the messages mixed that are given by my alleged parents; "do not run in the house", "do not jump on the bed", "please pee in this chair".  I need a lawyer.
  • Due to WebShots going under, I have lost the ability to post videos. Unkie will work on something.
  • I become a Big Brother today. 
  • I pulled Unkie aside a couple of days ago and asked for advice on how to be a big brother. He told me there were 10 Rules to being a Big Brother:
    1. Pick them up when they fall down. Knock them over when no one is looking.
    2. Give them a hand when they needed. Give them a foot when they are not expecting it.
    3. Babysit them when they need it.  Sit on them when they need it.
    4. Show them what they need know. Show them twice what they do not need to know.
    5. Carry them on your shoulders when you are trying to get them off your back.
    6. Keep their secrets when you should. Do not when you should not.
    7. Do not hit them too hard, they are a convenient source of compatible spare parts. Do not damage the goods.
    8. There will always be one other person in your family whom also thinks your parents are nuts.
    9. Their Hallowe'en candy is your Hallowe'en candy.
    10. Do not hide in the dryer.
  • My sister's website: http://www.kayleighstewart.info
  • Big day today.  I AM TUBE FREE!! No more feeding tube! I am on my own baby!
  • I had another birthday party! This time at Grammy and Grumpy's!
  • It was close to Unkie's birthday so we celebrated that too.
  • Once again I had BIRTHDAY CAKE! but this one had my picture and Unkie's picture on it!
  • Unkie got into trouble from mommy for feeding me the blue icing. Then I had to have a bath. Bad Unkie.
  • Unkie took some pictures of me outside.  I was posing like I owned it.
  • Pictures and videos of my birthday party will be posted when Unkie gets them from Andrea
  • My second birthday.  Andrea, Nana, and Unkie came over for birthday dinner. We had spaghetti, my favourite. Then BIRTHDAY CAKE!!
  • We opened presents. I got some foam swords and magnetic letters. 
  • I beat Andrea up with swords and then helped her put my magnets on the fridge.
  • Grammy, Grumpy, Unkie, Andrea, Nana and the dumb dogs came by for dinner tonight.
  • Daddy cooked some sausages, Mommy cooked some corn on the cob, Grammy made a peach pie and Unkie fed me.  Seems to me like he got off easy.
  • Unkie got in deep doo-doo for throwing food from off of my high chair at the dogs. Oddly, I did not get in the same amount of doo-doo when I did the same thing thirty seconds later.
  • Got to see Andrea act like a girl!.  A wasp flew by her and she leapt up out of her chair and screamed and jumped around like her hair was on fire.  I just keep calm and carried on.  What a wuss.
  • Unkie tried out some new settings on his camera and came up with a few good pictures. All have been posted.
  • Grammy, Grumpy, Nana, Unkie, Andrea and the herd of dumb dogs came to visit me.
  • We had dinner and Mommy and Daddy talked about getting my tube taken because I may no longer need it.  Cool.
  • Mommy and Unkie took me back out to Magnussen.  Unkie received a plea to come pick up a box packed with Zehrs tapes.
  • We handed out new pictures for everyone keychains, well at least to everyone who was there! If it is not Faith Ann that is missing it is Natalie. We will be back out too see you Natalie.
  • Once again I was a passed around like a bag of potatoes albeit this time a heavier bag!
  • I am thankful to everyone whom brought in tape for the WRDS they will not just benefit me but lots of other kids like me.
  • Special thanks to those who gave me my new stuffed toys! I beat the giraffe up when he makes a false move..
  • Grammy, Grumpy, Unkie, Andrea and the herd of dumb dogs came to visit me.
  • Unkie always brings me the coolest things to play with.  This time he brought me rain and he and I and Daddy played in it for a bit.  I had the best fun!
  • Unkie took some pictures.
  • Then it was time to go inside I guess some people do not like playing in the rain. 
  • They say we're 98% water. We're that close to drowning...
  • Wow, what a busy weekend.  I dragged Mommy and Daddy up to see Grammy and Grumpy on Saturday then a whole mess of people (and puppies) showed up on Sunday, just to see ME (why else would they be there??)
  • Andrea and I played with two of the best toys ever, a piece of brown packing paper and my ever present pieces of foam.  Andrea made me laugh like a wee mad scientist as we played "Where's the baby" and "tickle the Wee Man with the foam".  Unkie videoed us laughing like knuckleheads.
  • Not only did I have to deal with one nutty Andrea but a whole other one showed up. Two nutty Andreas. Good gravy. One Andrea brought her dumb dog, the other Andrea brought me a toy! Hello new favourite Andrea!
  • Apparently new favourite Andrea and Daddy have the same birthday so Grammy made a cake and everyone had to sing "Happy Birthday" to them.  I did not get my own piece of cake this time but I shared with Daddy and people were finding money in their cake!  Grumpy made out with almost a buck!
  • Daddy and Andrea both got birthday presents from Grammy.  Andrea got a bubble gun! She shot bubbles at me and I thought I was going to explode with laughter! Luckily someone captured a video or two.
  • Grammy, Grumpy, Unkie, Andrea and that dumb dog came over to celebrate Mommy's birthday.
  • Daddy barbequed some hamburgers
  • Grammy brought brownies and we all had some to eat (or wear - see pictures)
  • After dinner I bust out my best moves on the dance floor (see video)
  • Some dumb person told my parents not to get me any toys that I could lean on to walk behind because the toys would make me lazy. So, I figured out a solution.  By myself. (See video).
    (True story, Cole figured the chair thing by himself.  Take that Down Syndrome.)
  • My friend Phuc came over to the house tonight. 
  • I got a big surprise when Phuc's wife Ha an hid son Khang joined him. 
  • I have posted pictures, you will recognize Phuc from his other apperances, the lovely lady is Ha and the other wee one is Khang (and mommy and daddy might be in a couple of the pictures too. What can I say?  They hang around me like fat kids around a chocolate cake.)
  • Unkie's friend Phuc, from Vietnam, stopped in to see me today.  He brought me a toy that spins, lights up and plays music! See 2012 Pictures for pictures and videos (A Visitor with a new toy!!).
  • If everything works out Phuc's son and I may have a play date down the road. Hopefully the Canadian government will approve his passport application!
  • Mommy and Daddy must have gotten desperate.  They left me at Unkie's to be babysat! 
  • I pitched a fit, cried, and hollered.
  • We watch a TV show called "Emergency!" that Unkie used to watch when he was a kid.  I liked the lights, sirens and roaring trucks.
  • Then Unkie opened the patio door, cooled his apartment down, and I fell asleep
  • see pics in 2012 Pictures (Babysat Unkie)
  • Went to Unkie's apartment for a visit. Lucky for Unkie that  Andrea was there our it would have been just me and Unkie...
  • Wrecked a bunch of stuff
  • Made a hell of a mess
  • see pics (Visiting Unkie's) in 2012 Pictures
  • Unkie stopped by tonight.  He went to the Monster Truck Jam and brought me back my own Monster Truck!
    • Andrea bought the truck for me and she and Unkie waited to get it autographed for over an hour after the monster truck show. Unkie met Grave Digger's driver Rod Schmidt and told him whom the truck was for and he signed "To Cole" - just for me!
  • I was so happy to get my autographed Grave Digger Monster Truck that I checked it out from stem to stern (see pictures).
  • I have been working on a couple of things over the Christmas break.  Check out the 2012 Pictures section for details.
  • Also working on drinking from a straw...still a work in progress...